Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ideas to Incorporate Social into Your Retail Store

* Post reminders to like and follow for special offers, events and more... post at POP, changing room and even just post the social media buttons near the entrance way so that visitors know you are social from the get go.

* Instagram contest - Put up a sign in store and on Instagram regarding a contest. Collage contests, how to use a noted piece in an outfit and even a random drawing of followers.

* Throw an event and include a photo booth. Tell attendees to like you on Facebook so that they can tag themselves in the fun pictures you have posted.

* Arrange a Yelp offer for checking in. This will show up on the Yelp feed and Yelpers will be more likely to write reviews. Promote the offer at the entrance or POP.

* QR codes are gaining popularity and can be synced up to a "like us" page, place these at displays or popular items.

* Consider adding a "pride wall" in your dressing room/s with blog features and reminders to check  out on your social sites.

* Host a Pinterest contest where girls create an out-fit from items in your on-line items. Pick a winner and incorporate it into your main display in store, of course crediting the creative pinner behind the outfit.

* Include social media buttons on each item on-line. Including a Pinterest button.

*Include a review feature on each item so that viewers can feel more certain about their purchase as opposed to going to another site to compare or research option.

Note: Never post hand written signs. Find an appropriate font and print it out. Roll tape and place it on the back of the paper. Ideally get it printed on a low gloss paper to avoid unsightly wear and tear, laminating or placing in a clear sleeve work as well.

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