Friday, February 20, 2009

Strategies for Economics of Retailing

There's a lot of talk about the need for retailers to shift their operating strategies due to the down economy. The necessity to evaluate retail business solutions and employ new tactics and strategic inititives with technology is more crucial than ever in order to meet today's challenges.

The key areas for retail success hinge on the retailer's ability to control inventory, streamline purchasing and receiving, improve customer and vendor management, integrate accounting and eCommerce, and use reporting features that give them insight into their retail business.

The most important approach to transform the business of retailing then is implementing a strategy that focuses on those key things. Lucky for retailers, a good POS software system like Retail Pro and CounterPoint have the features and tools that put a retailer in control.

The landscape of economics may change, and a retailer needs to navigate through anything. If a retailer is using a comprehensive POS system, this is what they can leverage in not just the current economic climate, but in any kind of economic times.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lift Your Retail Spirits

In an article "How to Lift Your Retail Spirits" by Matt Parmaks, he talks to retailers about getting back to basics to ensure retail success. We published this in our "Retail Buzz" in Dec. 2008, as we thought it timely to help retailers take a look at some things they can do to improve their business.

If you subscribe to our quarterly publication, The Retailer Report, last month we published an article "Weathering a Storm In the Retail Business" by Kevin McAdam. This was actually a chapter in Kevin's eBook "Succeeding in the Retail Business During Economic Stress."

Another related article that you might find helpful is What Retailers Can Do in a Down Economy by Scott Kreisberg.

Successful strategies have proven to lift retail spirits because, all in all, when you're looking at solutions instead of the problems, you'll be much better off.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Relax in our Technology Pavilion at MAGIC

MAGIC Marketplace
February 17, 18, 19
Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth# 17031 North Hall

One Step Retail Solutions is doing something new and exciting at MAGIC Marketplace this year and invites retailers to come by, get some free coffee and relax in their Technology Pavilion located in the North Hall, White section of Woman's Apparel.

The Technology Pavilion is a large and comfortable space filled with cushy couches and chairs for retailers to get off their feet, take advantage of complimentary coffee at the coffee bar, and have Wi Fi access to download email.

One Step staff will be showing the latest HP hardware, Panasonic security cameras, the new Quadrox security system, Retail Pro and CounterPoint POS software, and BizCampaign, a way to centralize and coordinate all your marketing functions.

Contact One Step that you're coming! (800) 266-1328, or send Email to