Friday, October 5, 2012

Customer Receipts - A Valuable Asset for Retailers

In talking to one of our business partners who deals frequently with retail store operations an increasingly trendy concept came up, adding social contact data and even games to your receipts.

It is interesting to note that many retailers are looking for the ability to customize almost every facet of their business, insuring their successful branding is present in everything a client will see or touch.

Since a receipt can essentially act as a promotional piece, some of the ideas to maximize on it's "real estate" are as follows:

* Include your logo, address, phone number, website (eCommerce site) and social links
* Note an incentive to follow on social, perhaps a discount on next purchase
* Promote upcoming sales and events
* (the ever popular) Include a coupon or discount code for next purchase
* Consider using recycled paper and supporting that cause
Note: Use graphics whenever possible and avoid getting too wordy

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