Monday, April 30, 2012

Hate Your Job? Yeah, I can tell.

I recently visited an affiliate of ours and I was struck by how solid their
customer service and care factor was. Their business is consistently very
busy and expanding. Every single member of their team understands and
is able to help a customer with any of their needs, they are seem
geniunely happy to be there. A day or so later, I called Expedia to book
some travel and again - helpful, friendly and he seemed happy to be there
and helping me!
I was struck by the "good customer service" fairy again this morning
when picking up a bagel at Starbucks - busy but very friendly and cheerful
(as usual).

Service with a smile.

This brought be back to a recent article I read on the importance of a
focus on employees, as compared to being strictly customer satisfaction
oriented. I am excited to see this concept expand.

“Your employees will treat your customers as they have been treated
by their leaders,”