Monday, April 2, 2012

Interview with an Associate Member - Rich from Plastic Resource

We are going to start periodically interviewing associate
members so that you can become more familiar with the
large retail service provider network we have established
over the past year.

Our first interview was conducted on Mr. Rich Junker of
Plastic Resource. Richard has worked in the gift card
printing industry for over 5 years, while Plastic Resources
has been in business for over 15 years and boasts over 100
years of combined experience in custom printing and design.

What is your favorite color:
Pantone 343 –hunter green

If you could offer any advice to retailers out there,
what would you say?
Make it easy on yourself, know your data from the
beginning, you’re the one that will ultimately have to run
the system or program.

What kind of cards and products are available
from Plastic Resources?
Loyalty cards, custom cards, business cards, gift cards,
phone cards, key tags, membership cards and card

If you were a retailer, what do you think your
favorite part of your day would be?
Counting receipts from gift card sales.
What is your favorite meal?
Is there anything other than pizza?

Do you have any hobbies?
My kids, they’re doing everything I wish I could have
done more of.
Do you have a secret super powers or abilities?
I seem to have this incredible ability to repel fish away
from me wherever I am. The large ones anyway, I can
catch bait fish and salad (weeds) no problem.

What is your favorite climate?
Still investigating. I’ve not traveled to a tropical island
yet. I’m working on a way to disguise the sounds of the
beach to be able to work, “remotely”.

Name: Rich Junker
Position: Sales Representative
Company: Plastic Resource Inc.
What state are you in:
Minnesota (At this time there’s no comment about the Vikings).
Company link:
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