Friday, April 13, 2012

Retailers and Pinterest: Tips and Examples

Big box stores are starting to really capitalize on Pinterest.
I have always envisioned this as a tool for indie retailers.
I have taken as a personal mission of mine, to help
retailers maneuver the sometimes overwhelming waters.
I hope this information helps you.
1) Create a Pinterest board that enhances your customers
experience with your company.
Example: Lowes (hardware, home improvement) has
created not only a full Pinterest profile but a "Craft Ideas"
board which features dozens of fun DIY projects using
their products. You can find everything from necklaces,
home decor, games for kids and organizing projects.
2) Adding Pinterest "pin" buttons to your items in your
online store.
Example: Sephora and Amazon recently put this concept
into place and Ebay announced their upcoming
3) Creating and maintaining a Pinterest board to
increase familiarity and interactions with your current
and future clients.
Example: Lowes is an excellent example, their boards
are not only in place but they are creating new and unique
ways to use Pinterest to increase their interaction and
usefulness to clients.
Retailers could (and do) include products pages,
which is currently somewhat frowned upon as
"self-promotion". A way to side step being "one
sided" is to create "looks" and inspiration for the
coming seasons pulling from more than just your
catalog of pieces. "How to wear" and "must have's
for the Spring" could position your board as
go-to inspiration for your demographic.
4) If you are a retailer that is brick and mortar without
a eCommerce site in place consider starting a blog
where you host your images and include some fun looks
and tips. Pins will then be attributed to your shop as the
source and you can increase traffic even if you are a
smaller one location shop.
This is a newer platform that has not been fully developed,
the sky is truly the limit so you should feel more than free
to be creative and original.
Example retail blog:
Crossroads Trading Co
Happy Pinning!
Amy Hanson