Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trends of Men's Fashion Week 2015

While the clothing at New York Men's Fashion Week was more conservative than that of London, Milan, or Paris's Fashion Weeks, it is clear it proved to be successful! Here are three of the major trends we saw that made Fashion Week stand out compared to the rest!

More Diversity on the Runway
Compared to Runway shows of the past, this New York Men's Fashion Week had a more diverse group of models than ever before. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, designers for Public School, made their show one of the most notable with their take on a tailored urban street style. Not only did the show incorporate different ethnic models, but it embraced those with tattoos and featured a few female models.




Ready to Wear Style
One of the trends that made this Fashion Week unique is the fact that many of the designers created looks that could be worn from the runway to the street. Each suit was tailored to perfection and leisure clothes looked like they would be seen on any stylish man walking down the street.
J. Lindeberg

En Noir
Todd Snyder

California Men
An overriding trend throughout each catwalk was a California laid back style. It seemed that many designers drifted that direction with their takes on athleisure and surf inspired style. Whether it be a workout shirt with a nice jacket thrown on top or the long surfer hair that was seen everywhere, the West could be felt in New York.

Michael Bastian
N. Hoolywood