Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hear what people are saying about NCR Counterpoint!

Thinking of implementing a new POS system? Here are some user testimonials about their experience with NCR Counterpoint and what it has done for their businesses!

Counterpoint has been a huge step up for us when it comes to viewing information at every level.  While we still struggle with canned reports, we have managed to utilize the export functions to access much useful information as well as custom reporting that you created for us early on.  This eased the transition for us and ensured we could continue business as usual during the transition.” – Planet Granite

“It’s a robust system and a great tool for our business. It’s easy to train new and old staff on their features and has the capabilities to help us run our business efficiently. The touchscreen is simple and it’s a highly intuitive product which helps us.” – Hi-Time Wine Cellars

“The data we are receiving through CounterPoint is superior to anything gathered from our previous system. We have already been able to work with store managers to implement training on data we gathered. Furthermore, we are already saving time and seeing a return on our investment as our previous labor intensive systems have been replaced with simple procedures in CounterPoint. Honeyville now has the tools necessary to be a true retailer and gather the necessary data to grow and expand our retail stores throughout the United States.” – Honeyville Grain

“You may recall that we had three major requirements for our new system: a flexible and comprehensive reporting function for thorough analysis of business and product performance, an accurate and reliable inventory control and purchasing feature to assist in making smarter buying decisions, and a fully-integrated CRM, marketing, and customer loyalty application to help retain existing customers and drive new business.

We are extremely pleased that NCR Counterpoint has met all of these expectations, and its adoption truly represents the most significant step in continuing Pet People’s 30-year track record of success.” – Pet People ofLos Gatos

“NCR CounterPoint offers many features and benefits that will allow for continued growth of our business. Tracking of our customers and offering shopping rewards, to name a couple – allows us to provide incentive for repeat business. Specific inventory analysis creates better turns and focus on our best sellers.” – Carolina Swim Shop

“We recently set up a new database and company in Counterpoint for a retail store we opened this fall, which has helped us expand our business tremendously.” – Auggieland Outfitters

“Being in one of the city stores we do have a lot of theft, [CounterPoint] is a good way to control that. I recently moved the watches once I found that was a big target. Additionally, I am able to realize exactly what was missing and file a report. It is really helpful for merchandising so you can keep an eye on everything.” – Lou Lou Boutique

“I am pleased to say that now, a few months after installing NCR CounterPoint, I am very happy with both of our decisions. We have been able to tailor the system to meet our unique business model which involves fractional quantities, special orders and many custom service offerings. Plus without spending a dollar on customization we have a POS system that operates and feels more customized than any I have used in the past. – U-Fab

“The multi-store functionality and ease of use have been the strongest benefits for us with NCR CounterPoint.” – Mission Liquor

“The Counterpoint system has been very easy to use for myself and the employees at the store.  It is a system that you can adapt to any kind of business and really helps keep you organized.  My back office works smoothly and the touch screen terminals make it very easy and quick to ring up customers.” – Y-3 Boutique

“As the College Cafe recently went ‘live’ as students began to arrive back on campus, I can tell you that we have received numerous compliments on the improved customer experience in the Cafe. If our current projections hold true, CounterPoint will help us serve nearly 25% more customers during peak Cafe hours and significantly increase associated revenue. The ability to host our own meal card program within CounterPoint means we will save all costs associated with Valutec, our previous gift card (meal card) vendor. These costs and processing fees totaled approximately $5,500 last fiscal year.

“In the College Bookstore, CounterPoint has allowed the College to maintain an accurate inventory, reduce carrying costs by 15% and forecast sales with greater precision.” – Prescott College