Saturday, July 7, 2012

Movies About Retail

Retailers! I have put together a list of the top movies either revolving around or influenced by retail environments, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Empire Records - A day in the life of an indie music store, fighting against the big box chain store by dancing and singing on the roof to raise funds.

You've Got Mail - Set around an independent book shop (Shop Around the Corner) and much about the fight between Meg (indie) and Tom (big box) to protect their respective family business while falling in love.

High Fidelity - John Cusak and Jack Black run an indie music store. John Cusak talkes into the camera a lot and straight into my soul.

Miracle on 34th Street - Santa shows up at Macy's and people can't take that he thinks he is the real Santa. Which is really ironic if you think about it.

Elf - An oversized Elf inspires a rag-tag crew of department store workers (and New York) during the holiday season.

ShopGirl - A fierce competition between the perfume girl and accessories girls in a department store. That may have been a subplot.

BIG - This movie was clearly about FAO Schwarz (New York) and it's big (ERGO, the name of the movie) piano.

Clerks - Kevin Smith slacker comedy about... clerks (see title).

Where The Heart Is - Stranded teen stays in Walmart overnight, goes into labor and becomes a media sensation. Names child "America".

Mallrats - See Clerks (above), 90's kids spent a lot of time at the mall...

Breakfast at Tiffanys - Slightly eccentric New Yorker enjoys standing outside of Tiffanys and drinking her morning coffee with a pastry. See title of film.

Shaun of the Dead - British electronic store worker makes it through a zombie apocalypse.

Little Shop of Horrors - Nerdy floral shop owner finds success and romance with the help of oversized and crazed Venus Fly Trap.

It's Complicated - Meryl Streep owns an adorable Santa Barabara bakery and makes chocolate pastries to woo Steve Martin.

Be Kind Rewind - Jack Black's best friend accidentally erases all of the videos in his small rental shop. They then recreate, film and records the top rented films in an attempt to keep the loyal fan base.

By: Amy Hanson, blogger for One Step Retail Solutions