Monday, May 14, 2012

Retailers on Pinterest

More retailers are getting Pinterest accounts up and running every day. Many of them are incorporating Pinterest directly into their websites.

Here is a list of the big guys I know of thus far and how many followers they have. Please feel free to comment with others you have found.

Nordstrom / 16,289
Coach / 2,366
Kate Spade / 49,919
Nike / 491 (may not be a company operated account)
Etsy (one of the first retail sites to hop on this) / 85,803
West Elm / 29,975
Williams Sonoma / 10,987
Gap / 5,643
Piperlime / 2,519
Old Navy / 1,951
(surprisingly Banana Republic's doesn't appear to have a set up account, yet)
ModCloth (were quick to capitalize on Facebook ads as well) / 22,903
Neiman Marcus / 8,579
Bergdorf / 19,086
Anthropologie / 47,787
Urban Outfitters / 502
Barneys NY / 9,269
Target / 2,723
ShopBop / 10,398
Sephora / 15,223
Martha Stewart Living / 31,616
Home Depot / 2,440
Rent the Runway / 3,779

1) In searching for large chain retail stores, I came across a surprisingly large amount of independent retailers capitalizing on this resource (hurrah!).
2) If your name may be more common, consider adding "boutique" or "shop" to the end, there are hundreds of Aldo's (for example) and if the shoe store has an account, I wouldn't know it.
3) Beware of knock off sites, note that you are the "official" site. A tip off to fake sites is a blurry (low quality) logo image.