Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Your POS in the Cloud

Many retailers are planning for a future upgrade of their retail point of sale. For many, this will mean a hardware upgrade and for others a full system upgrade will take place.

Exciting resources now available to retailers are mobile and cloud based point of sale. While this is an increasingly popular and an exciting advance, what does this make possible for the average retailer?

Mobile POS offers several benefits to retailers: Free up your staff to move about and interact freely with customers, eco-friendly and cost effective paperless receipts, expedite checkout, swift look-up of available stock and much more.

Cloud POS brings in a whole new level of remote management, centralizing and increasing the security of your system. No more worrying about scheduled backups!

We are proud to offer this one of a kind system, Teamwork Retail, a state of the art cloud based COMPLETE point of sale system.

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Teamwork Retail Screen Shot