Monday, May 14, 2012

Mobile App Features and Capabilites for Retailers

One Step Retail Solutions associate Pocket Your Shop creates custom
apps for retailers and non-profits. The most recent app to go live was for
Jax Bicycles of Orange County.

We wanted to take a moment to feature the possibilities made available
by creating an app for your retail store.

- Apps are perfect for customer that are on the go (isn't that everyone
now a 'days?)
- Ability to create how-to sections, tips and other features to keep
customer coming back. An example of that is Jax created a local bike
trail map app.
- You can instantly increase your traffic and interaction with your shoppers.
- You can tie together your different store locations through a GPS map
and contacts capability (as opposed to just a static map and text on the website).
- This could create a unique way to offer specials and coupons to customers.