Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Step at CES 2015

The Consumer Electronic Show or CES wrapped up last week in Las Vegas and One Step Retail Solutions had a front row seat exploring and testing some of the newest inventions! Below are some of our favorites that we came across:


“Pajamas for Your Ears” That’s what their slogan is and that’s very much how they function. While at CES, we got to see how comfortable and soothing these were as opposed to trying to fall asleep with buds in your ears. If you’re a fan of falling asleep to music or calming sounds, this product is definitely worth checking out!


If you enjoy their SleepPhones® make sure to check out their RunningPhones® for when you’re getting your sweat on!

SleepPhones® retails at $39.95
Check it out here!

Satechi Portable Humidifier

As a company, Satechi is consistently creating products that allows their consumers to live efficient and enjoyable lives. Their latest product, the Portable Humidifier, continues their mission by being applicable anywhere by use of just a USB.  

Satechi Portable Humidifier retails at $29.99
Check it out here!
Naztech Power Hub Pro
Naztech has anything and everything that you can dream of for your phone. In this case, the Power Hub allows you to charge up to seven devices at once. This is something always great to keep in the backroom or at your house to keep all the outlets open!
Sadly the 7x version of Power Hub Pro is not up on their website yet, but check out this version with 5 ports. Naztech Power Hub Pro 5x retails at $79.99
Lazy Hands
Lazy Hands is exactly what it sounds like- people do not want to hold things. All great innovations come from a need to make our lives easier and that is where Lazy Hands come in. It’s very much like the Velcro Ball and Catch Game from the 90s, but now it’s for your electronics! On the run at work all the time? This product might be for you!

Lazy Hands for your IPad retails at $15.99 and for your phone retails at $10.99.
Check it out here!
AIR² Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
 This new speaker will levitate and spin as your music plays- how amazing is that?! Like most gadgets at CES, this is not a necessity, but it’s a great talking piece if electronic devices are your thing.

Coby Levitating Bluetooth Speaker retails at $150.