Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Dress for the First Date

When you ask a couple how they met, the most common response these days is, “We met online.” “We met online,” has become the new, “We met at a bar.” The dating culture has changed, with the advancement of technology from Match, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Tinder and OkCupid, just to name a few. You can Skype, email, text, face time and talk on the phone to someone for days on end, until you finally agree to a first date and meet in person. The dating game has changed, but one thing remains the same; the pressure and stress of what to wear on a first date.
We’ve all been in that situation with butterflies in our stomach, unsure of how to make the best first impression, without looking like we’re trying too hard. It is a job in itself, to find the perfect outfit to make you look presentable and appealing on a first date because who knows, they could be the one.
We decided to pull some fashion styles from popular bloggers to help cease the crinkles in your forehead, because you should relax and enjoy your first date. After all, you probably already researched them out on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn and read their online profile from top to bottom a few times.
By: The One Step Retail resident blogger, Michelle Toyoshima
These fun, chic, summer outfits would be perfect for a first date. You can go out for a nice dinner wearing this skirt, or dress down a little with this tank and white pants.  Check out these styles at J’s Everyday Fashion.
If you want to wear something a little more posh, check out the dress selections from
Meet Kendi and her husband Bryan; she will coax him into modeling every once in a while on her blog when he allows it. These outfits would be perfect for a first date to meet the potential love of your life.  Kendi Every day is described as a style blog for the everyday girl.
This super cute fall outfit is perfect for looking dressy and casual with these high Ash boots. Check out the Fashionita for trendy ensembles at affordable prices.
This jeans outfit can be worn on a casual first date to coffee or lunch while the black leggings and boots give a dressier style. Casual Chic Fashion offers tips and tricks on how to get the right look at a cheap price.
This back lace dress is great for a summer night out and I like how the belt allows you to add your own sense of style. The second outfit gives a great first impression because it shows class with the shoes and stylish purse, but the jacket and boyfriend jeans give off the edgy flare, “I know how to relax and have fun.” Gal Meets Glam is the perfect fashion blog offering girlie trends with spiced up of casual styles.
Men – If you are looking for a blog that will have outfits ready and laid out for you, Style Girlfriend is just the blog for you. There are relevant articles to the latest trends with outfits premade, and with pictures so you know exactly how to dress for that perfect first date.

TSB men was probably one of my favorite fashion blogs for men. Not only did they have a large array of casual and dressy outfits, but they had fun articles like, “Finding Jeans for Athletic Thighs.”
Good luck to all of you out there going on your first date. We might not be able to help with the level of chemistry, but hopefully these blogs and photos offered some tips on how to dress for the perfect date.