Friday, February 8, 2013

Unique Stands for Your iPad Point of Sale

Point of Sale technology can visually enhance the customer experience, this is increasingly becoming a goal in addition to helping make a retailers life easier behind the scenes. iPads can also be used throughout the store to showcase ads, useful tips, discounts, product combinations, etc, functioning as a constant branding or promotional outlet.
Beautiful option for a retail store with an earthy or rustic feel.

Sleek, modern and completely functional, the iTab Pro.  

This artistic stand would be great for an art store or any creative environment.

Clean, minimalistic and perfect for any retail store with a streamlined and modern atmosphere.

This stand was meant to live in a hardware store or even a store that sells a lot of plaid...

Another clean, simple option. Perfect for stores that wants the iPad to do the talking.

I could see this beauty in any urban store, living amongst beautiful jewelry or designer jackets.

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