Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar 2013 Fashion Rewind

By: The One Step Retail resident blogger, Amy Hanson

I thought I'd take a moment to rewind my thoughts on last night's fashion. I love that the Oscars remain the most glamorous event in Hollywood and I appreciate the leading ladies  bringing out those loose waves, beautiful gowns and pushing the envelope while staying elegant.

First off, I have to say my favorite gown of the night was Naomi Watt's Armani Prive gown - HOLY WOWZA. Unexpected cut, elegant but bold fabric and her hair/make-up was spot on. One of my favorite bloggers said it reminded her of a Bridesmaids dress, well then I hope I am a Bridesmaid soon so I get to rock something half that cool.

I know that Jennifer Lawrence can basically do no wrong and everyone loves her (this fan girl is no exception) BUT I am not in love with that white dress, it looks odd on her long curvy body and reminds me too much of a wedding dress. The bottom half has a similar cut to her Golden Globe gown (she IS the new spokesperson for Dior and is appropriately supportive) but I still wanted something more unique. Hair is almost the same, silhouette is the same, thankfully the Marilyn Monroe bust went bu-bye.
Please do not throw things at me for saying the above, I love her, I wish we were besties, but the dresses didn't wow me as much as I'd hoped.

This leads me to the "most pleasantly surprising look of the evening". Even in a shot that doesn't show off the dress, I am wowed and amazed. She looks so striking and beautiful.

Well played Charlize Theron, well played.

Cutest couple alert! The fact that Channing Tatum's lovely wife (Jenna Dewan) is with child doesn't hurt... BUT really, the man can dance, has a surprising range of emotions on screen and looks like he will probably be the cutest Daddy ever. Gush.

The Empire strikes back! A few years ago (2007?) Project Runway did a competition with inspiration from various New York buildings, my favorite being the one inspired by the Empire State Building. A few beautiful ladies rocked the Empire State Building / 1920's Great Gatsby look and I loved it.

And now I want to go play dress up...