Monday, November 26, 2012

Missing Facebook Posts in Your Feed

Spread the word, if you want to be able to see updates from your favorite brands, companies AND friends you need to make sure you have subscribed to them. Facebook is increasingly focusing on paid ads and algorithms to make it so that posts will show up in your feeds.

You will also note a friends or company starting to pop up in your feed IF you have visited their page recently or interacted with them. To keep these posts showing up, be sure to subscribe.

How to subscribe: When on a fan page or friends page, click the LIKE BUTTON (top right just under the cover photo) as usual and then a drop down will show up.. click "Get Notifications". You will need to click the "friends button" and "Get Notifications". It looks like this setting applies for when you are in a personal accounts and not a company pages.

Visit our Facebook page and be sure to subsribe!