Friday, November 16, 2012

iPad Mini Point of Sale

With the holidays coming up, consumers are aflutter with the recent launch of Apple's newest brainchild, the iPad Mini. Strategically designed to fit in one hand and affordable to a new range of consumers.

While the buzz may be varied, one thing is certain, the iPad Mini is at a lower price point and has all of the features and design points consumers are looking for in a traditional iPad. This opens up the Apple fan-favorite to a whole new range of customers and fits the niche of users that want a smaller tablet.

A popular uses for the iPad has been for mobile point of sale, the iPad Mini has been tested as a new option for retailers looking to incorporate iPad POS into their store. iPad Mini will run Teamwork Retail smoothly and effectively in a retail space.

If you are looking to incorporate iPad POS or the iPad Mini into your retail store contact us for a free consultation to determine the best software to fit your need OR call 800-266-1328.

iPAD costs, available through Apple on-line or retail locations world-wide