Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Consumers Using Mobile Devices and eCommerce

It is estimated that 85 million Americans now shop on their smartphones, a staggering statistic driving retailers to understand mobile and design strategies to suit their specific business models. For the average retailer this means offering an e-commerce site and making it available in mobile formats. This is rapidly becoming an industry standard.

You may have heard the phrase "early adapter". As is the case with any evolution, change does not always come when you are ready for it.

As retail technology faces it's renaissance of sorts, following years stuck in the relative dark ages (or the 90's as you may call it), it is only an issue if you run your business in a way that is outdated and giving you a handicap against your competitors. A way of looking at it, if the average American has more power and resources to go about their day to day personal business with his nifty smartphone and iPad then many retailers in 2012... be sure to avoid cutting yourself off from the way that this world is doing business.

"..four out of five American consumers have used their smartphones to look up either a retail mobile commerce site or application." -
Retail Pro blog

Fortunately or unfortunately, the waves of change are coming up faster than many retailers may like, many are taking the "wave" and actively riding it straight on to the shore (imagine that shore is filled with over sized money instead of sand).

The above statistics are helpful to put the industry standard into perspective and will hopefully get many retailers looking to the resources available (not to mention cost-effective) to them through modern technology.

As previously noted, in order to accomplish this, a retailer needs a sound method to manage these new outlets through OMNI-friendly POS systems.

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