Monday, March 26, 2012

Plastic Card Printing in the USA vs. Outsourcing Abroad

Plastic Resource, a Minnesota company, recently
launched a new web site aimed towards worldwide
growth of plastic gift cards, loyalty cards and custom
plastic printing.

Millions of Americans interact with plastic card
products on a daily basis. Your health club membership
card gets swiped, use plastic gift cards to pay for your
coffee, accumulate points at lunch with your loyalty cards,
and stand out from your competition with plastic business
cards. Most of us have come to assume these plastic card
products come from oversees. One Minnesota based
company plans to change the perception of plastic gift
cards, loyalty cards and custom plastic printing by
expanding their influence online with a redesigned and
multi-functional web site.

“It’s really our customer service, attention to detail and
reliability that separates us from our international
competition”, says Steve Chesley principal at Plastic
Resource. “It’s translating those competitive advantages
to the online marketplace that has been a challenge. In
this industry price is king. However, what price do
businesses place on getting things done right, reliable
relationships and time? The actual plastic gift cards or
loyalty cards are not the commodity. Plastic printing is
something easy for us; we’ve been doing it for years. It’s
understanding business owners and connecting with
them on a higher customer service level that
differentiates us from our international competition”,
says Chesley.

Plastic Resource recently launched their newly designed
web site to address the growing US and international
markets. The site focuses on their core offerings; Plastic Gift
Cards, Plastic Loyalty Cards and Custom Plastic Printing
(business cards, luggage tags, etc.). “Ease of use, instant
response and clear product offerings were our focus”, says
Chesley. “Considering the process involved with printing
on plastic, customers will still most likely pick up the phone
and call but, like with so many industries these days, the
amount of online research conducted before that call is ever
growing. Developing a comfort level and providing a price
point baseline before the customer calls is paramount to the
beginning of a positive relationship”.

About Plastic Resource Plastic Resource is a custom
plastic printing company based in Cottage Grove,
Minnesota. Plastic Resource serves the custom plastic
printing needs of businesses around the world and delivers
technical expertise in all aspects of UV printing including
graphic design, printing, laminating, die cutting, data
application and fulfillment.
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