Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Global Shop 2012 Rewind - Judge a Shop by it's Cover?

We just returned from Global Shop, a leading store design and at-store marketing convention in Las Vegas. The sheer creativity and resources available to retailers really got my creative juices going.

Retail is a sensory industry, you are selling products that can either be touched, worn, viewed, used, held, smelt, eaten or in some cases… all of the above. Somewhere between the operation and budget, the overall FEEL and IMPRESSION being created IN store can get lost. This is especially true for small to medium sized retail shops that sometimes do not have the wherewithal to pull off something “spectacular”. Regardless, a look and feeling that
represents and welcomes is highly important. MANY retailers nail this but some have a hard time with this.

Pretend like you have never walked into your store before and with fresh eyes start out a few yards away and start observing the space.
Walk in, take in the feel, the smell, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel like the arrangement of the displays is welcoming (slanted towards you), can you comfortably see (not too bright, not too dark), do the basic colors of the room attract you or detract you? Ask some of your frequent shoppers what they like most about the shop experience and find out if they feel physically welcome.

If you think of your shop like an outfit, putting together the right elements to pull everything together, with some strategic (and cost effective) upgrades you can revamp your whole store.