Friday, October 16, 2015

Art Hearts Fashion Week: The Men of Spring/Summer 2016

We are in the midst of Fashion Week here in Los Angeles, where the city of culture and business is thrown into a frenzy of fabric and camera flashes. Fashion enthusiasts from all around are introduced to the Spring/Summer line for the upcoming year during the early weeks of October in Downtown Los Angeles.

Art Hearts Fashion Week,  produced by ParkerWhitaker Foundation works to benefit AIDS Healthcare Foundation, is one of the many shows that design students and retail professionals look forward to alike. While the events during Fashion Week are many in number and spread out over 14 days, we pinpoint just a few designers at the forefront of fashion for men in the not too distant 2016.

In the halls of the Tagylan Cultural Complex,  we are introduced to our first designer who worked on pieces for men, a simple look utilizing unconventional fabric, House of Li Jon creates black and grey attire that outlines the simplistic masculinity in her models.

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 Just Bones Boardwear offers designs that even those that do not often find themselves at the frontier of fashion movements can get behind. A line created with the intention of only dressing young men, has evolved to create a line that caters to not only boys, but women, men, and toddlers alike. A summer day spent on the beach is just a part of life here in southern California, and with these bright and patterned board shorts men can hit the waves and still look good.

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Our next designer steps ahead of the two aforementioned looks, as KOKO BLAQ continues to work with patterns and black and white color palettes, he establishes a much appreciated balance in our wardrobe. Too much of the same pattern on one outfit? No such thing!

Photos shot by Inae Bloom

Photos Shot by Inae Bloom

 Last, but definitely not least, is designer Consort 62. They approach spring and summer in a refreshing way. With a hint of autumn in their attire, we see muted tones in the spring look, creating a laid back and "chill" ensemble.

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 This model wears dark blues that contrast with the light gray over his shoulders. A contrast that does not take a trained eye to appreciate, but yet is reminiscent of  that of a lazy, but still fashionable, Sunday morning.

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It just isn't summer without your sandals and your favorite pair of shorts. Here we see a model with a  simple look, staying true to those softer colors, a dark grey sweater paired with a lighter shade of shorts truly brings together a Consort 62 look.

It seems that our designers have laid out 2016 to have an unforgettable and revolutionary look. Catering to the look of those men that want to set themselves apart form the flock, those who embrace the patterns, the unique fabrics, and those who are redefining what summer and spring look like.

There are many designers who we cannot highlight, regrettably a post can only handle so much greatness, so don't forget gentlemen, to stay updated on Los Angeles Fashion Week as it draws to a close this weekend.