Friday, September 4, 2015

Focus on Customer Experience this Football Season

Whether or not you're a football fan, it's hard to ignore the excitement generated by a big game or in this case- the start to the season. This season provides great opportunities to bring in new customers and a way to show your appreciation to current ones.

Game Day Sales
While fans often have plans on Game Day, there are always people looking to shop. You can offer a Big Sale on Game Day to draw people in on a day that might otherwise become slow. Customers can come in wearing their favorite team apparel and get 20% off their purchase. You can even up it to 25% if they come in during the game.

Window Displays
Grab some inspiration from a big company like Nike who can create a window display like this. Ask yourself a few questions: What do you like about the display? The use of footballs as a flag? The mannequins in motion?

 Figure out what speaks to you from your favorite windows and incorporate it into your display!

Come from a big Football town? Offer an event that will help people get pumped for the game and their team. People can stop by before the kick off for some coffee or snacks on their way to watch the game. Interacting with your community and getting foot traffic in your store will be great for your store!

Go Subtle
Football fans not your main clientele? You can have fun anyway! Choose your cities colors (or your favorite) and create a display with them. You can put hints of football in there too, to bring together the look. The best part is you can incorporate any holiday into your display too.

Think Long Term
Create a gift basket that people can place their bets on now! Ask people which two teams they think will make it into Super Bowl 2016. Then, as the tie breaker ask people to enter what they think will be the final score of the game. If this is too much of a long term plan, you can create a competition for just the kickoff game between the Patriots and Steelers, asking people for the final score. Whoever comes closest wins!

Have Fun with Social Media!
Make sure you get your store’s personality out there on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! If you have a great new display, an event or some football-related products make sure to share. There are also great memes that you can utilize and engage with your followers. Social media is not about only pushing your store, but about creating a connection with your customers.
 Now that you have some inspiration for this football season- go out there and show it!